Thursday, September 25, 2008

almost done, almost

Finally, the hand sewing is finished. I have six big squares that
needed to be sewed and putting a backup before it will be totally,
totally finished. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile I'm starting a new piece today that hopefully will be
finished at the end of next week. We'll see to that:)

This one supposed to be for someone else

I admit that this is supposed to be a commisioned work.
It's for one of my previous bussiness acquintance new
office. She wants to be full with patches that has
messages on woman and other environmental issues
because it's an NGO office that she's going to opened.

I used 36 woodcut and screen printing patches made
by my friend in Jogjakarta, Central Java. I love their
choices of colours and also their neat production quality.
For the fabric, it's from an unused bedsheet with stripes.

But come on, who would let something this cool being
taken away? I know, I'm just being an egocentric crafter:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In memoriam Propiracy Distro

I used to run this distro with my previous boyfriend.
And at that moment it closed down, we have a pile
of these patches left. I decides to put them in one
of my new pieces that so far almost half of these patches
being used together with my fabrics scraps.

There are 27 patcehs in red and white with green linings.
The size of each patches is 10 x 12 cm.
Oh so excited to be back making this again!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first piece!

Look! How gorgeous it turned out after trying to finished it
for almost one year. It's more about putting my patches
collections at that time into something other than clothings
and bags like I used to do.

I made some of the patches in term of the lines, and I put
lots of my big woodcut patches pieces too. I used baby pink
fabrics with small strips as the background in one metre.

Love in fuschia.

This is my favorite patches piece that I have ever made so far.
I even tattoed this artwork on my leftarm. The artwork only
has one line: Tresno. It means love in Sanskrit and I order like
50 pieces of patches from my a woodcut artist friend of mine
in Jogja.

The only thing missing from this one metre piece is a part where
I could hang it on to something. Therefore I am thinking of using
it as a sofa throws instead of wall hanging.

What do you think?

Black and Red Means Rebelliously Yummy!

Oh I really, really love how this one turned out.
I order the patches in bunches like 50 of them
only in red and grey colour fabric background,
screeprinted with a woodcut art by a friend in

The patches only have one line, Mardika!
means Free with a guy in a long dread playing
his guitar in style. Rock on!

Black and White Is Immortal

This piece was stolen from my house awhile back.
Don't ask how mad I about this and there is no
way I could start to make a similar one since
those patches are my collections since years ago.

I used Balinese traditional fabric as the background.
There are only made in two color combinations,
black and white and white and red. I bought
this one metre fabric in Ubud.

With most of the patches I picked are those with
black and white colour only. Unfortunately,
I forgot how many patches I put on this piece.